Davinia creates figurative paintings in contemporary situations. With an eye for energising colours and patterns.

Davinia Clarke is an illustrator and visual artist with a strong culture practice and interest in ethnography. Her practice revolves around themes of identity and family that are influenced by her Jamaican heritage whilst being Black British. Her work frequently explores intimate relationships of her family and friends that she  Further, taking inspiration from nature evident in her warmth but bold harmonious colour palette. captures herself to illustrate. Mainly, creating digital paintings with a combination of analogue methods such as printmaking, painting and drawing to capture the essence of the world around her in a vibrant way.

For freelance projects or purchase artwork contact: daviniadesigns@gmail.com

Camberwell College of Arts - Foundation Diploma in Art and design

2018 - BHM - Group Show. Copeland Gallery
2019- 'The State of Things' - Group show. Copeland Gallery
2021 - 'Rest and Repair' - Group show. UCHL Street Gallery
2021 - 'Looking Forward' Group show. Central Saint Martins Window Gallery
2022 - 'Movement' - Group show. Prince of Peckham
2022 - 'Exploring Identities' - Group show. 6 Roach Road, London
2022 - 'The Art of Joy' - Group show.  Koppel X Gallery, Piccadilly Circus 

2022 UAL Design Student Contest x Natixis Investments Managers - (Awarded 1st place prize) 
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